Matica Technologies AG

Matica Technologies develops, manufactures and markets proprietary high performance, mid-range and desktop solutions for industrial card personalization and card mailing systems. The Group offers a full range of alternative personalization and encoding technologies for banking, government, access control, ID and transportation applications. The Matica companies provide local sales and service on a worldwide basis via its offices in Italy, Germany, France, India, Singapore, China, the USA and the UAE.


eventDATA services provides organisers even of small single-day events as well as big events a “one-stop-shop“. This enables you to make use of a turnkey solution at a quality level that is currently only available (and affordable) for venues with permanent operations, e.g. sports stadiums, exhibition centres or multifunctional arenas.

Based on proven solutions, but also specifically developed? system platforms eventDATA is offering a complete service portfolio, comprising soft- and hardware, e-commerce and personal services on site. Partner companies include market leading companies in the event and access management industry.


CardPlus is a consulting firm with a focus on customized, enterprise level, Identity and Security Management Solutions. We offer a full range of Professional services to build, transform, implement and manage our customized enterprise level security and identity solutions. Due to our vast hands-on experience in designing and implementing secure travel and identification systems for governments and large public sector customers, we are uniquely positioned to understand your highly complex security requirements and translate the same into practical, workable solutions.