Card Printer

In order to cover all printing technologies and requirements, we are direct distributor of the world’s leading card printer manufacturers Matica and Datacard.

In addition, we also offer the manufacturers Magicard, Evolis, Zebra, Nisca and Fargo to cater to all needs.

In daily life, plastic cards are used everywhere, including credit cards, driver's licenses, membership cards and employee nametags.
Their standard size, portability and durability make them the ideal choice in many applications. Plastic card printers enable the creation of customized cards on demand directly at the output location. In a system that consists of a computer and an image capture system (eg. as a digital camera), plastic card printers create the desired product. The fast printing process (only a few seconds per card) allows to creat and personalize cards instantly. Thus, the connection between the customer or cardholder and the issuing office or the relevant program is made quickly. Digitally printed plastic cards provide numerous technological properties. In the beginning, however, is a blank card that can be printed with any combination of artwork, graphics, text, digital photos, barcodes, logos and so on. The imagination knows no limits. Machine-readable information can also be provided, such as magnetic stripes and smart card chips, can be encoded.