Magnetic stripe cards

Our magnetic stripe cards conform to ISO/IEC 8711 and have a recordable magnetic field on the back side of the card.

After the magnetic stripe is encoded with data it can be read by dedicated magnetic stripe readers. A magnetic stripe is divided into different tracks (up to 3 tracks).

Track 1 and 2 are only specified for reading (track 1 max. 79 alphanumeric characters, track 2 max. 40 numeric characters), and track 3 is used for data recording (max. 107 numeric characters).

Magnetic stripe cards are available in different versions:

“HiCo” (2750-4000 Oe (Oerstedt))
“LoCo” (300 Oe (Oerstedt))

“HiCo”- magnetic cards offers unlike to “LoCo”-magnetic cards a greater protection against a potential loss of data, since they are being encoded with a higher magnetic field.

The main disadvantage of these cards is that the stored data can be easily changed or manipulated.

Typical applications of magnetic stripe cards are for example:

Gift-/Voucher cards
Time Attendance
Access Control
Employee ID´s
Fuel cards