RFID cards

Contactless Chip Cards (RFID or Transponder chip card)

RFID-cards are available in the following radio frequencies:

Low frequency (LF): 125 KHz with a reading distance up to approx. 10 cm
High frequency (HF): 13,56 MHz with a reading distance up to approx. 70 cm
Ultrahigh frequency (UHF): 860-960 MHz with a reading distance up to 8 Meter

Dual Interface Cards
Besides contact- and contactless chip cards, there is a third type of chip cards available; dual interface cards. As the name Dual already suggests, this type of card contains two interfaces which are connected to each other on one hybrid. The contact part of the chip is mainly used for electronic verification, data transactions where the contactless part is used for access control and instant payment applications.

Hybrid Cards
Hybrid cards are cards which have multiple data storage devices combined e.g. a contact chip and a magnetic stripe or a contactless chip. The data storage devices are not connected with each other and this type of cards is often used in banking applications (bank cards) or for access control.