Online Accreditation Solution

Operation exclusively via browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome)
- for administrators
- for users
- for end users

Is secure
- Encryption via AES128 cryptosystem

Is flexible
- individually configurable in design / layout (corporate identity)
- in permission / role conceptim
- data import/exportist

Is easy
- to handle
- with integrated photo shoot modul

Reduces cost and effort
- no maintenance – all softwareupdates
- inklusive self-service function
- no system crashes
- No need of adjusting own IT infrastructure
- to use from any PC / smartphone / tablet

Cardowners are allowed to handle several functions / tasks by their own
For example upload a picture, confirmation of receiving card, activation of a received card by entering an activation code.
Credentials for cards-x-ess can be provided to the cardowner by a personalized email or a personalized document.

cards-x-ess includes a printing module which allows the card personalization (printing, encoding, lamination) of one or more stations. Also personalized documents can be created using the print module (eg. using a standard laser printer).